Kick this festive season off with provocative discussions and exhibitions about homelessness in 2016, and see what you can do to change the conversation. 


Join us for an evening where we hear from fascinating speakers who've experience life on the streets and are now working to help others, to those who've dedicated much to changing their communities' lives around.

Do some good while Christmas shopping with Homely, an organisation empowering YMCA hostel residents through their own creativity to help them reach their first flats, and other original gifts from social enterprises and brand new organisations from London who are committed to bringing about social change, even if one small step at a time.

Enjoy Pot Luck's delicious meals cooked by hostel residents with surplus food, and pair it with a couple of festive drinks while making a start on your New Year's resolutions through our commitment wall. 



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We look forward to seeing you in an evening where we hope to inject some meaning into the festive period, reframing it as an opportunity to reconnect with what matters.
No frills, no tinsel, Christmas Unwrapped